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Privacy Policy

You Can Have Data Without Information ,But You Cannot have information without data
"Daniel Keys Morgan"

At Plus IT Business Park (plusitpark.com) the top priority is always the user data .We Ensure every possible method to ensure the safeguarding of the data of our users. And Maintaining a Zero Data Leak Policy.

The Documentation describes the privacy policies we adapt , The Informations we collect and how we would use the informationThe entire procedure is made simple and transparent .For additional clarity on our data policy and any inquiries related to it, please feel free to reach out to us by writing to [email protected]. We'll be more than happy to assist you and address any questions you may have.

What Kind of data we collect

We, at Plus IT Business Park, gather information from users through various methods, encompassing personal details like names and email addresses, as well as technical information such as the type of operating systems and browsers used. Some data, like names, are collected with the user's consent, while others are obtained as part of technical handshakes.

The collected data is processed into two categories: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-personally Identifiable Information (non-PII). PII comprises details that can identify an individual, such as names with email addresses, phone numbers, and government ID numbers like Aadhar Card or Passport.

Handling PII is our top priority, and we ensure that no unauthorized individuals, whether internal or external to the organization, have access to this information. The same stringent standards are applied to non-PII, which is utilized for analytics, research, and enhancing the stability and efficiency of our products

Handling PII is our top priority, and we ensure that no unauthorized individuals, whether internal or external to the organization, have access to this information. The same stringent standards are applied to non-PII, which is utilized for analytics, research, and enhancing the stability and efficiency of our products.The information we collect includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses."

When submitting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we offer the option to delete the data whenever necessary. This deletion can be initiated through various means:

  • User Request: If a user requests the removal of their data.
  • Law Enforcement Agency Request: In response to a request from a law enforcement agency.
  • Reasonable Grounds for Deletion: When there are valid reasons for data deletion.
  • Reasonable Grounds for Deletion: When there are valid reasons for data deletion.

In such cases, the data is permanently removed from the records of Plus IT Business Park Thrissur, and no further logs are retained.

While we are not overly stringent in some areas concerning PII, allowing most services to be accessible without providing personal data, there are exceptions. Personal information is rigorously collected, especially for services involving payments. This is essential for record-keeping purposes, complying with the laws of India, and facilitating law enforcement if necessary.

How We Use Personal Data

We adhere to a stringent policy and governance framework concerning the utilization of personal data and information provided by our users.

The entered data is securely stored in isolated databases with multiple layers of data security and access control measures in place.

The primary purpose of utilizing this data is to enhance the delivery of our products and services, ensuring customized service delivery. Importantly, the data is not employed for sending news feeds unless users have explicitly opted for it. As advocates against spam mails, our data handling policy guarantees that user data will never be used for sending unsolicited messages.

The data is put to use for several purposes:

  • Personalized Recommendations: Tailoring recommendations to suit individual preferences.
  • Assistance in Troubleshooting and Support: Providing support and troubleshooting assistance based on the user's data.
  • Personalized Advertisements: Ensuring that advertisements are personalized and relevant to the customer.

By utilizing the data in these ways, we aim to enhance the overall user experience and deliver services and recommendations that are specifically tailored to individual needs.

Data Sharing Policy

We do not endorse the notion that sharing is caring when it comes to data. Our stringent Data Sharing Policy explicitly prohibits any form of data sharing. As a responsible technical organization operating within Plus IT Business Park, we firmly believe in treating data with the utmost care and responsibility.

We adhere to a strict principle of not sharing data with any external organizations. However, there is an exception to this rule in the event of a legal requirement, where law enforcement agencies may request data submission. Even in such cases, the sharing of sensitive data is strictly governed by rigorous conditions and legal agreements involving the concerned party.

It is important to note that Plus IT Business Park assumes liability for any data breaches that may occur from our end. This underscores our commitment to safeguarding data and taking accountability for any unforeseen incidents involving data security.

How to Access and Control Your Data

We offer you the option to access and manage the provided data through the respective service's dashboard. The dashboard facilitates visibility of the provided data, empowering you to modify records as needed.

Through the dashboard interface, you have the control to make necessary modifications to the data. Alternatively, you can achieve the same by sending an email to our support team, and we will promptly handle the requested changes from our end.

Our commitment is to ensure that you have complete access and control over the data, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience through the dashboard or support team interaction

Cookies and Other

At Plus IT Business Park, we leverage various technologies to facilitate user interactions, and key among them are Cookies, Web Beacons, and Log Files.

Cookies, which are small text files stored on the local computer by the browser under the instruction of the website, play a crucial role. These files are retrieved when the domain or page is loaded, and their primary use is to provide customized personalization to our products.

On the other hand, Logs are maintained to ensure the safety and security of our operations, as well as for debugging purposes when necessary. The information contained in logs includes the IP address of the request, the type of request, and technical details such as headers and status codes.

In addition to this, server-side session management is implemented to handle session and client-based information. This ensures the delivery of customized services to enhance the overall user experience.

Data Removal Policies

The Data Removal Policies outline various guidelines governing the removal of data from the records of Plus IT Business Park and its products.

Data removal, as defined, involves erasing any records related to an entity from Plus IT Business Park and its products. Users can voluntarily initiate the removal process through the dashboard, by emailing [email protected], or by contacting the Plus Safe Center.

Additionally, data removal may be triggered by legal actions in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of India and at the request of law enforcement agencies. The policy also acknowledges circumstances where data removal is deemed ethical or aligns with a code of ethics.

Furthermore, the data removal policy may be enforced if the data owner is aged 13 or below

For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Plus Safe Center.

Data Policy Regarding Users Below age of 13

The IT Business Park has a policy in place that explicitly states it does not collect any data from individuals under the age of 13. This is in line with privacy regulations and standards that recognize the need for special considerations when handling data related to minors.

Moreover, the company takes a proactive stance by not offering any products or services that target children, particularly those under the age of 13. This decision is aligned with the company's commitment to responsible data practices and safeguards against any inadvertent collection of information from this age group.

Recognizing the sensitivity involved in handling data of child users, the IT Business Park acknowledges the importance of exercising extra caution and diligence in this regard. This emphasizes the company's commitment to protecting the privacy and security of young users.

In the event that a user is identified as being under the age of 13, the company assures that such users are granted all the privileges related to data security. This includes providing them with an easy and accessible option to remove their data from the company's servers. This additional step reflects the company's commitment to giving users, particularly minors, control over their personal information and ensuring a transparent and secure data handling process.


In conclusion, the quote by Daniel Keys Morgan, "You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data," resonates with Plus IT Business Park's core values and practices. The company places the utmost priority on user data, implementing a Zero Data Leak Policy and ensuring comprehensive safeguards for user information. Transparency is key in their approach, as reflected in the documentation outlining privacy policies, information collection methods, and usage protocols. For any inquiries or clarifications on their data policy, users are encouraged to contact the company via [email protected].

The types of data collected by Plus IT Business Park encompass personal details and technical information, each handled with distinct protocols. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-personally Identifiable Information (non-PII) are categorized, with stringent measures applied to protect user privacy. The company offers users the option to delete their data through various means, including user requests, law enforcement agency requests, or when there are valid grounds for deletion.

The company's commitment to responsible data practices extends to how personal data is used. It is securely stored with multiple layers of security, and its utilization is focused on enhancing product and service delivery. The data is employed for personalized recommendations, troubleshooting support, and personalized advertisements, all aimed at improving the overall user experience.

Plus IT Business Park emphasizes a strict Data Sharing Policy, prohibiting any form of data sharing except under legal requirements, where sharing is governed by rigorous conditions and legal agreements. The company assumes liability for any data breaches, emphasizing its dedication to data security and accountability.

Users are provided with the tools to access and control their data through the service dashboard, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. Technologies like Cookies, Web Beacons, and Log Files are leveraged for enhanced user interactions, with a focus on customization and security.

The Data Removal Policies define guidelines for the voluntary removal of data by users or as a result of legal actions. Special consideration is given to users aged 13 or below, emphasizing ethical and responsible data handling practices.

Finally, the specific data policy regarding users below the age of 13 reinforces Plus IT Business Park's commitment to safeguarding the privacy and security of young users. The company not only refrains from collecting data from this age group but also provides additional privileges for data security and an easy option for data removal, highlighting their dedication to transparency and responsible data practices.

Plus Safe Center

The Plus Safe Center, established by Plus IT Business Park, is a proactive initiative dedicated to ensuring the implementation of safe and secure data policies and regulations. This initiative extends its focus to both internal and external aspects of data management within the organization.

In situations involving data removal, privacy violations, content removal, or any other concerns related to data security, users can confidently turn to the Plus Safe Center for assistance. This specialized center is designed to take the lead in addressing and resolving various issues related to data integrity, security, and compliance.

The Plus Safe Center serves as a central hub for users to seek help and guidance, showcasing the organization's commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy data environment. Whether users encounter challenges with their data or have specific concerns about privacy, the Plus Safe Center is equipped to provide timely and effective assistance.

This initiative reflects Plus IT Business Park's dedication to prioritizing data protection and user security, reinforcing the organization's commitment to transparency, accountability, and user satisfaction. Users can rest assured that Plus Safe Center is ready to assist them in navigating any data-related issues, contributing to a safer and more secure digital experience.

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Data Operations & Administration

At Plus IT Business Park, the Data Operations and Administration agency takes on the crucial responsibility of policy updates and administration. This department is committed to ensuring that the organization's policies are consistently reviewed and updated in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

The Data Ops and Admin Department places a strong emphasis on conducting regular overviews to maintain a thorough understanding of data operations within the organization. They are dedicated to implementing and enforcing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure a structured and secure approach to data management.

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